Thursday, February 11, 2021

Turn Night to Day with Solar Powered 15 LED Security Light and Motion Detector

Conserving electricity is saving our planet. Even simple measures including using solar power to take care of your personal security light will go down way in helping to fight climate change and climate change. Just one implementation of such evaluate is using the Solar Motorized 15 LED Security Light source and Motion Detector. This revolutionary product is a convenient light along with a built-in motion sensor this uses stored solar energy to illuminate your lawn, backyard in addition to walkway.

The motion detector has great features as it assists two purposes; first to get added security as it will probably turn on the light when mobility is detected. Second, consider it an automatic switch - economizing more energy and using rotating on only when needed. Declare for instance you are getting some night stride at your backyard. Often the detachable solar panel is installed on a 16 feet string, enough for the LED light source to be installed even in your own home like garages, garden storage sheds and even the house interior. See also Smart Home Automation

The unit can be easily assembled and also installed, thanks to the solar energy panels and durable LED lights. An individual don’t need to go around the inconvenience of electrical installation, battery power change and even bulb upkeep.

The security light has the next further technical details:

• 15 super bright LEDs

• Bulb brightness: 10, 000 mcd

• Action sensor passive infrared a hundred

• 3. 6V 700 maH Ni-MH battery best for 2-3 years

• ULTRAVIOLET protected housing

• Residence, pole and roof increasing options